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Metal Recycling: Can Digitalisation Solve Key Industry Challenges?

Metal recycling is becoming more and more widely adopted across the world. The pressure on key industries such as the construction and the automotive industry to work more sustainably has put increased demand on this rapidly expanding sector. Various factors have helped the metal recycling industry to grow rapidly on a global level. 

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The Trouble With Metal Recycling

If you work in metal recycling then you are helping to reduce greenhouse gases. But is your business using appropriate PMI measures? If the media is correct, then we are in the grasp of one of the most dangerous threats to our planet that mankind has ever encountered. The Guardian newspaper has even resolved to stop referring to this threat as “climate change”, and instead will only be referring to it as a “climate crisis” or “climate emergency”. Just last week, Ireland’s own broadcaster, RTE, dedicated an entire week to coverage on the topic.

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Case Study: Sullivan Scrap

Handheld analysers are now the instrument of choice in order to meet the rigorous demands of modern scrap recycling. Sullivan Scrap has made a business out of taking care of the environment by recycling scrap metal purchased from some of the area’s largest manufacturers. Sullivan Scrap processes about 70,000 tons of material each year, with 25% being non-ferrous. In order to stay competitive, they use handheld technologies to identify their incoming material in order to process it as efficiently as possible.

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