testo 760-1 – Multimeter

  • Easy, reliable operation through automatic measurement parameter detection
  • Prevents incorrect settings
  • Suitable for almost all electrical measuring tasks
  • Clear, illuminated display

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The testo 760 digital multimeter family comprises three models for all important electrical measuring tasks. Function keys replace the traditional dial on all three instruments, which means easier operation and greater reliability. Incorrect settings are now impossible, because the measurement parameters are detected automatically via the assignment of the measuring sockets and also shown by the illumination of the appropriate function keys. This prevents accidentally blowing the meter’s fuse because of incorrect connections.

  • The testo 760-1 model is the standard version for virtually all daily measuring tasks.
  • The testo 760-2 is differentiated by a larger current measurement range, the true root mean square measurement – TRMS – and a low-pass filter.
  • The testo 760-3 is the model with the highest specification and, in addition to the features of the other two models, it has a voltage range of up to 1,000 V, along with higher measuring ranges for frequency and capacitance.

Delivery Scope

testo 760-1 Digital Multimeter, batteries and 1 set of measuring cables

Technical Data
DC voltage
Measuring Range:0.1 to 600 V
Resolution: 0.1 mV
Accuracy: ± (0.8 % of mv + 3 Digit)

AC voltage
Measuring Range: 0.1 mV to 600 V
Resolution: 0.1 mV
Accuracy: ± (1.0 % of mv + 3 Digit)

DC current
Measuring Range: 0.1 mA to 10 A
Resolution: 0.1 mA
Accuracy: ± (1.5 % of mv + 5 Digit)

AC current
Measuring Range: 0.1 mA to 10 A
Resolution: 0.1 mA
Accuracy: ± (1.0 % of mv + 3 Digit)

Measuring Range: 0.1 Ohm to 40.00 MOhm
Resolution: 0.1 Ohm
Accuracy: ± (1.5 % of mv + 3 Digit)

Resolution: 0.01 nF
Measuring Range: 10 nF to 100.0 μF
Accuracy: ± (1.5 % of mv + 5 Digit)

Resolution: 0.001 Hz
Measuring Range: 0.001 Hz to 512.0 kHz
Accuracy:± (0.1 % + 1 Digit)

General technical data
Dimensions: 167 x 85 x 45 mm
Operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C
Protection class: IP64
Storage temperature: -15 to +60 °C
Weight: 340 g
Overvoltage Category: CAT III 600V; CAT IV 300V
Authorizations:CSA; CE

Instrument Measurement Functions
Diode test: yes
Continuity testing: yes
Display lighting: yes
Hold: yes
MinMax: yes
Display (counts): 4,000
Autom. measurement parameter detection: yes

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