testo Saveris base

  • Up to 150 probes can be connected
  • Graphical display, 4 control keys
  • Interfaces: radio, Ethernet, USB
  • SMS alarm and alarm relay for connection of alarm transmitters (e.g. lights, horns)

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With the testo Saveris data logger system you can monitor the climate values in large bakeries, blood banks, museums, clinics, laboratories and many other climate-sensitive buildings. The Saveris base including GSM module is the heart of this system:

It receives the readings from up to 150 probes, evaluates them and if necessary issues an alarm. In the process, the instrument can save up to 40 000 readings per measurement channel independently of the PC. With a measuring cycle of 15 minutes, this corresponds to one year’s memory capacity, or in other words: a total of 18 000 000 readings.

Dependable data logger system through reliable alarm

The Saveris base including GSM module warns you of critical values with an alarm via SMS on your mobile or smartphone.

In addition, the Saveris base including GSM module has an alarm relay for connection to various alarm transmitters: In this way the alarm can for example be issued in the form of lights or horns when there are limit value isolations. The built-in emergency battery guarantees maximum data security – even in the event of a power failure.

Both the system data and alarms can be viewed via the display of the Saveris base including GSM module at any time.

Safe measuring data monitoring with a reliable alarm

The testo Saveris Base is also equipped with an alarm relay for connecting different types of alarm. When a threshold is breached, a lamp lights up, for example, or a horn sounds. The built-in emergency battery ensures that measuring data cannot be lost – even in the event of a power cut.
The system data and alarms are always clearly visible on the testo Saveris Base’s display.

Scope of delivery

testo Saveris base including GSM module, radio frequency 868 MHz, including table base and wall bracket.

Caution: No mains units or antennas with magnetic feet are included in the scope of delivery.

General technical data

Dimensions: 225 x 150 x 49 mm
Operating temperature: 5 to +45 °C
Housing: Die-cast zinc plastic
Protection class: IP42
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
GSM module: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz not valid for Japan and South Korea
Alarm relay: max. 1 A, max. 30 W, max. 60/25 V DC/AC, NC or NO contact
Connectable radio probes: max. 15 probes can be directly connected via wireless interface, max. 150 total via wireless / Router / Converter / Ethernet / Extender, max. 450 channels
Display type: graphic Display
Display function: 4 control keys
Power supply: 6.3 V DC mains unit; alternatively via 24 V AC/DC plug-in/screw terminals, power consumption 4 W
Interface: USB, radio, Ethernet
Memory: 40,000 measurement values / channel; 18,000,000 measuring values
Storage battery type: Li-ion battery (for data back-up and for emergency SMS if power supply fails)*
Storage temperature: -25 to +60 °C
Weight: Approx. 1510 g 

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