UVD Robot – Disinfection within GMP Production

UVD Robots – Pharma® is self-driving, clinically proven infection prevention solution especially designed for highly sensitive Pharma production environment. The UV-C disinfection robot is developed and tested in conjunction with GMP procedures and is suitable for the different areas of the production site as well as cleanroom (classification C/D) and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

The UVD Robot is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle, and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic micro-organisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA-structure. The robot is an alternative method of decontaminating the environment during this epidemic period.  The robot is safe, user friendly and eliminates human error.

UV disinfection within GMP production

UVD Robots – Pharma® self-driving germicidal disinfection robots are trusted tools for ensuring that the extreme requirements for Pharma Production when it comes to cleanliness and purification, especially in the cleanrooms (CEA) of the production area, are obtained and constantly maintained.

UVD Robots – Pharma is a fully autonomous, clinically proven infection prevention solution. It has an advanced multilevel safety systems which delivers the required dosage to inactivate COVID-19 simply by driving by. We have validated test reports which shows that UVD Robots® are the only disinfection system available, clinically proven to disinfect effectively while ‘on the move’. We have real life experience, and 5 years of knowledge which are very helpful in finding the right solution for you.

The robot disinfects a standard 25m2 cleanroom in under 8 mins

UV-C light provides an alternative method of decontaminating the environment during this epidemic period. UV-C destroys viruses by high energy electrons passing through or diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, resulting in damage of the viral RNA. It is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle, and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic micro-organisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA-structure. The robot is safe, reliable and eliminates human error. Furthermore, it is user friendly and is designed to be operated by every-day cleaning staff.

Pharma Specific Features

  • The only fully Autonomous (self-driving) Pharma Robot in the world
  • The robot is developed for Cleanroom level C/D, ISO 7/8 or FED STD 10 000/100 000 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • The robot has unpainted smooth plastic cover with a sealed construction easy to clean and no paint to peel off
  • The cleaning procedures are tested with hospital alcohol, Spor-Klenz and Pro-Chlor – proven to withstand all
  • New design of wheels with a sealed construction – easy to clean
  • Stainless steel buttons, bridging parts and clips holding the lamps
  • The tablet cover is in a robust, easy-to-clean and unpainted design
  • The robot base and wheels are cleanroom certified
  • Comes with several layers of security systems for maximum personal protection
  • PIR sensor for human detection is standard – up to 12 m distance from the robot
  • Development of features are based on clinical data, clinical reports and clinical studies
  • Built-in Validation procedures and delivers validated reports
  • UI/Workflow based on user experiences, intuitive human behaviour and latest research
  • The robot can communicate with automatic door openers via its own WIFI network
  • Cybersecurity-validated with highest rate – no external WIFI is needed
  • Industry 4.0 prepared

Feature Highlight

UV-C Light
Our UVD Robot® disinfects small and large areas simply just by driving by. Depending on the exposure time, The UVD Robot can kill up to 99,99% of harmful pathogens such as covid-19. It disinfects all kinds of surfaces, which contains thousands of different bacteria, but also it can significantly reduce the bacterial count in the air. The UV-C light bulbs are powerful and highly effective against all bacteria and viruses, but at the same time very gentle to surfaces.

The germicidal characteristics of UV-C light at close range are well known. However, the laws of physics create obstacles that challenge the feasibility of using UV-C light as a disinfectant in larger areas: Shadow & Distance.
The unavoidable challenges of using UV-C disinfection governed by the laws of physics create the necessity for repositioning a manual UV-C device multiple times.
Only with the autonomous UVD Robots® can you be sure to have irradiated sufficient UV-C amounts on to all surfaces within a given area.

Ease Of Use
The robot is operated by following the easy step-by-step guide.

The autonomous drive system allows operators to easily call the robot via its tablet and send it to the desired location while the initial cleaning is taking place.

After the cleaning has been conducted, the robot is sent in. Once the disinfection has been activated, and the tablet placed on the door, the operator can continue their planned work elsewhere until it is finished. After the disinfection, the robot signals via the tablet that the disinfection is finished. The robot is now ready to disinfect a new room.

The robots sensors will detect if someone enters a room under a disinfection, and immediately stop the disinfection.

The safety system will be triggered if the operator drives the robot manually too close to a wall, person, or other object above 15 cm. If this occurs, the robot’s front and rear sensors will trigger the robot to stop before hitting the object.

The UVD Robot® is powered by Li-MNC batteries that gives you the power to disinfect larger areas such as airports, supermarkets, conference rooms and several patient rooms.

It comes with a docking station, which the UVD Robot finds by it self, when it needs recharging. To make sure that it is fully charged and ready for its next disinfection, time saving as it requires no involvement from the operator.


Click Here to download the UV Robot Model B Technical Specifications


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