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Progeny for RMID represents the latest in handheld Raman spectroscopy with its use of 1064 nm laser excitation. Perform lab-quality analysis of the widest range of solids, powders, liquids and other substancesDesigned for seamless raw material identification of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients. Virtual Demo Available here >>

MicroNIR for RMID is a wireless, compact,  handheld spectrometer for rapid material analysis in the field or on the manufacturing floor. OnSite-W is the smallest fully-integrated NIR spectrometer on the market. With no moving parts and IP65/IP67 dust/water ingress rating, it is designed for a wide range of material characterization applications in food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and security markets

MicroNIR for Process Monitoring are rugged, scalable, next-generation systems for real-time process monitoring in food and pharmaceutical Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications. MicroNIR spectrometers have the smallest form factors in the process monitoring instrument market in a fit-for-purpose design. This makes it ideal for use with processing equipment of all sizes, with the performance and stability to enable smart and efficient manufacturing.

Raman for Process Monitoring provide process information related to qualitative or quantitative chemical characterisation with unsurpassed detection limits and specificity. This technological advantage delivers enhanced process understanding, which in turn leads to improved and optimised process control.

Progeny ResQ CQL for Explosives, Narcotics & Chemicals ID is a handheld device that utilizes 1064 nm Raman spectroscopy to swiftly detect unknown compounds in under a minute. With a standard library of more than 13,000 Raman-active chemicals, this improved chemical detection system has the capability to upgrade, transfer, and translate entries. Virtual Demo Available here >>

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