Antech is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with UVD Robots®, Denmark’s award-winning suppliers of UV Disinfection Robots. We will begin distributing UVD Robots® to organisations across Ireland to prevent and halt the spread of Covid-19 and other harmful organic micro-organisms in the environment. 

How it Works

UVD Robots® is the latest winner of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robots and Automation (IERA) Award for its autonomous disinfecting technology. The technology uses concentrated UV-C light to eliminate bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms as the robot autonomously drives around the area. With this partnership, industries from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to call centres, hotels and transport will have the opportunity to mitigate the spread of illness, protecting customers and staff.

The Fight Against Covid-19

Although UVD Robots were originally developed in 2015 to fight hospital acquired infections among patients and healthcare professionals, the COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasised the need to combat the spread of infection beyond healthcare environments. Interest in robots for disinfecting rooms and surfaces has unsurprisingly grown with widespread concern about the coronavirus. The UV light used by UVD Robots® has a germicidal effect that removes 99.9% of all airborne viruses – near impossible with traditional cleaning methods. As much as Covid-19 is a test for humankind’s resilience, it is the first time that intelligent machines are being utilised to fight against a pandemic. “In a severe crisis like this where the world’s health is threatened, our innovative technology really proves its worth,” says CEO of UVD Robots®, Per Juul Nielsen.

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You can find a video demonstration here.