MicroNIR PAT-Wx – Viavi (NIR) ATEX Certified

The MicroNIR PAT-Wx is the hazardous location version of the PAT-W NIR spectrometer for real-time process monitoring in blend homogeneity, content uniformity, loss on drying, compaction, and other process analytical technology (PAT) applications.  It is ATEX certified for chemical, agriculture, food and feed applications. The PAT-Wx is safe in the presence of flammable gases, vapors, fibers, or dust, allowing users to move processes developed in the lab directly to production in hazardous locations. 

  • PAT-W modified to meet certification requirements for hazardous locations
  • Wireless connection via 802.11b/g WiFi
  • Battery: 15 V Li-ion rechargeable smart battery pack

MicroNIR PAT-Wx process spectrometer is a rugged, scalable, next-generation system for real-time process monitoring in blend homogeneity, loss on drying, compaction, content uniformity, and other process analytical technology (PAT) applications. The PAT-W has the smallest form factor in the process monitoring instrument market in a fit-for-purpose design. This makes it ideal for use with processing equipment of all sizes, with the performance and stability to enable smart and efficient manufacturing. It has no moving components or expensive fiber optic cables, enabling superior instrument stability and performance in harsh process environments.

PAT-Wx is specially modified versions of PAT-W and is designed to be safe in the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dust.  It has no moving components or expensive fiber optic cables, enabling superior instrument stability and performance in harsh process environments.


PAT-W modification to meet ATEX certification requirements include:

  • Different battery (same form factor, 15 V vs 7.5 V)
  • Battery: 15 V Li-ion rechargeable smart battery pack
  • Battery removal and charging in a non-hazardous location only
  • Enhanced housing for shock, drop, and dust ingress resistance
  • Deleted connections for 24 V power and auxiliary trigger
  • No access to Ethernet behind
  • Wireless connection via 802.11b/g WiFi 

Aplications for online process monitoring and analysis in hazardous locations

  • Blending process
  • Fluid Bed Drying in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • High Shear Mixing Flour Analysis in wheat grain processing
  • Wheat and Rice Flour processing for noodle production
  • Explosives manufacturing
  • Sugar content and concentration (using liquid flow cell)


The software suite allows for deployment flexibility from process/product development to manufacturing environments and features audit trails, comprehensive user management, encrypted secure data storage, and many other capabilities required for regulated GMP environments.

  • The MicroNIR PAT control software enables easy data acquisition, method investigation, user management, method development, instrument performance qualification per USP 1119 criteria, and the visualisation of moving block standard deviation (MBSD) trends.
  • Viavi Unscrambler® X Lite regression and classification software provides a complete set of chemometric tools for calibration model development and data investigation, supporting MBSD model development with %RSD and PCA-based blending tools.

Mounting and Process Integration

The MicroNIR PAT-W has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind to meet the many different criteria for process integration. It integrates into a process with three different mounts:


This includes a modified DN90 flange, a 2” sanitary (hygienic) flange mount, a sapphire window, and a retaining ring with O-rings. The modified DN90 flange is welded into a hole cut in the lid of a blender and then the sanitary flange mount, window, and retaining ring are assembled. The PAT-W with an adjustable collet then secures against the window and a sanitary flange using a standard tri-clover clamp (or C-clamp). All pieces disassemble for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Bore Seal

This method uses the same adjustable collet and tri-clover clamp approach, but instead of mounting against a sapphire window, a sealed window and bore seal are attached to the PAT-W and these come into direct contact with the material being measured.

When used on a rotating blender, the PAT-W features an integrated 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) that contains a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis magnetometer, and a 3-axis accelerometer. The IMU enables highly accurate and repeatable triggering of the PAT-W .

Dimensions and weight:

-160 x 160 x 180 mm (6.3 x 6.3 x 7.1”)

-1.5 kg (3.3 lb) with battery

Click Here to download the PAT-Wx data sheet


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