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ProgenySync is a software application that automatically downloads and saves Sample Reports, Audit Logs, Batch Summary Reports, and disaster recovery Backup Settings generated by Rigaku Progeny spectrometers. Simply dock your Progeny spectrometer or connect a USB cable and let ProgenySync handle the rest!
With fully automated report sync, it requires no interaction from Progeny operators/users. Enhanced data integrity and compliance with ALCOA+ principles within cGMP environments are ensured as data is saved to write-protected folders.
ProgenySync saves your result files using a customisable naming convention that includes both the scan result name and the file name. This makes it easier to identify and locate the reports you need. ProgenySync also enables the ability to save your results and backup settings to individual destination folders of your choice.

Fully automated report sync – Just, dock and walk!

ProgenySync is a application designed for Rigaku Progeny spectrometers that automates the process of downloading and saving Sample Reports, Audit Logs, Batch Summary Reports, and Backup settings. With ProgenySync, the syncing of these reports is fully automated, requiring no interaction from Progeny operators/users. It operates as a background app and automatically discovers a connection of Rigaku Progeny spectrometer(s). Once a device is connected, the software automatically reads the instrument’s Serial Number and checks administrator-level login credentials.

Enhanced Data Integrity

ProgenySync offers enhanced data integrity and compliance with ALCOA+ principles within GMP environments, as data is saved to write-protected (Read-only) folders. The software uses a domain user account with Write privileges to facilitate saving to network protected/secure folders, making it an ideal solution for organizations with strict data compliance requirements.

The software offers a flexible and customisable setup, allowing users to choose PDF (mandatory), TXT, and XML report file types. ProgenySync utilises a Windows Domain User Account with Write privileges if reports are to be saved to a secure network/Read-only archive folder destination. Users can select a unique destination folder path for each Progeny report and backup settings location.

ProgenySync supports up to three instruments per instance, using a license key linked to the serial number of the spectrometer(s). If the device Serial Number is not recognised, no download is possible, ensuring that only authorised devices may be synced. ProgenySync runs on MS Windows 10 operating systems and is supplied with computer IQOQ protocol and User Manual for easy installation and usage.



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