Friability Testing – FRVi Series

Providing highly reproducible and cost-efficient friability testing, the FRVi series of friability testers allow analysts to easily characterise the critical tendency of uncoated tablets to chip, crumble or break.

  • Available with one (Model FRV 100i) or two (Model FRV 200i) test drums
  • Certificate of compliance to Ph. Eur./USP provided as standard
  • Integrated calculation of % tablet weight loss
  • Extensive data output options
  • Convenient drum emptying function
  • Built-in 10° angling device for testing larger tablet and capsule types

Friability of hard pellets and granuless, can be determined using the Friabimat SA-400. 

Test Apparatus & Method

Our Friability testers for uncoated tablets are available in two variants, with either one (Model FRV 100i) or two (Model FRV 200i) test drums. A standard friability drum has an inside diameter of 287 mm and a depth of 38 mm. Each drum is fitted with a curved baffle which subjects tablets to a drop of 156 mm during rotation. The sample (normally 10 tablets) to be tested is first weighed and then placed into the drum. The drum is then rotated 100 times at a speed of 25 rpm. Any loose dust from the sample is removed and the sample re-weighed. Friability of a sample is defined in terms of percentage (%) weight loss (loss in weight expressed as a % of the original sample weight). A maximum weight loss of no more than 1% is considered acceptable for most tablets.

Attrition caused by tablets rubbing together can also be measured using this method with a special abrasion drum.

For coated tablets, granules and spheroids, friability cannot be determined using a conventional friability tester, as the dosage form is too hard for meaningful weight loss measurements. Alternative equipment that oscillates the sample at high frequencies is available for this purpose (see Ph. Eur. 2.9.41). Please click here to view the Friabimat SA-400.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive menu structure enables users to locate features quickly and easily
  • Easy-set user-configurable test parameters:
    Speed (revolutions per minute)
    Total revolutions
    Test duration (HH:MM:SS)
  • Status of ‘Actual’ v ‘Set’ test parameters clearly displayed throughout testing
  • Test progress bar provides clear and constant indication on run status
  • Resistive touchscreen interface can be operated with gloves on
  • Hygienic wipe-clean screen
  • High productivity – easy system set-up and operation minimises training burden
  • Calculation of Friability Ratio



Extensive data output options are available as standard, including direct reporting to a printer or PC.

Reported parameters:

  • Speed (revolutions per minute)
  • Number of revolutions
  • Friability calculations
    Start weight (g)
    End weight (g)
    Friability (%)


Friability Calculator

The integrated friability calculator removes the need for manual tablet weight loss calculations, reducing the risk of analyst calculation error and improving data accuracy. Simply inputting start and end weight allows for automatic calculation of percentage (%) friability. Friability results together with the test report are easily output to PC and printer.


Friability & Abrasion Drums

Fitted with an aperture for convenient sample loading and unloading, the FRVi Series drums automatically revolve to face the operator for easy sample loading. Upon test completion, simply tapping the ‘empty drum’ icon on the touchscreen empties the drum contents into  the waiting collection tray(s), ready for weighing. With a choice of either USP Friability and/or Abrasion drums, the versatile FRVi Series allows direct comparisons between the two parameters under identical test conditions.


Pharmacopoeial CompliancePh. Eur. 2.9.7
USP <1216>
Tablet TypesUncoated tablets
Test Station Capacity1 drum (FRV 100i)
Up to 2 drums (FRV 200i)
User InterfaceResistive touchscreen
Test Duration ParametersTime or Revolutions of the Drum(s)
Drum Rotational Speed Range10 – 60 rpm (± 1 rpm)
Rotational LimitUp to 60,000 rotations
Test Run TimeUp to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds

Data Output


RS 232
USB A (for connection with a USB printer)
USB B (for connection with a PC)
AlarmEnd of testing (audible)
Unit Dimensions (w x d x h)316 x 343 x 325 mm

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