Dissolution Tester DIS 8000

Efficient and extremely compact, the Tablet Dissolution Tester DIS 8000 is a rugged ‘no-nonsense’ unit having eight stirred test vessels and simple, easy-to-use controls. It is ideal for both R&D and routine quality control applications. The design of the unit has been based on those features that you, the user, advised us as being essential to the ‘ideal’ Dissolution Tester.


Efficient and extremely compact, the tablet Dissolution Tester DIS 8000 is a rugged ‘no-nonsense’ unit having eight stirred test vessels and simple, easy-to-use controls. It is ideal for both R&D and routine quality control applications. The design of the unit has been based on those features that you, the user, advised us as being essential to the ‘ideal’ dissolution tester.

In common with the rest of the series, the DIS 8000 has been specifically designed to reduce ‘clutter’ and maximise visibility and access in the critical sampling area above the water bath. Particular emphasis has been placed on those factors affecting eccentricity, alignment and centering in order to reduce the number of parts used and hence keep the machine variables at a minimum.


All our dissolution testers are equipped with precision ground drive shafts that will accept any of the baskets, paddles or rotating cylinders described in the respective Pharmacopoeia. Individual clutches enable each individual basket/paddle to be raised, lowered or engaged independent of the drive head. This feature is particularly useful in the case of staggered starts, and at the end of the test allows the baskets/paddles to be pushed upwards to gain maximum accessibility to the vessels.

In the case of the DIS 8000, the temperature of the warming solution is controlled by means of an external digital heater/circulator which means that the unit can be quickly removed for maintenance without compromising the operation of the whole tester. The heater/circulator has an accuracy of /- 0.1 degrees C thus ensuring a constant and even distribution of heat throughout the bath. It is fitted with an adjustable over-temperature cut-out and alarm indicator as standard.

The one-piece vacuum formed water bath is constructed in rigid PETG and has been specifically designed to eliminate leaks and to make it easier to clean. A ‘fill-line’ is provided on each bath to indicate the level to which the bath must be filled. The water bath and the easy-to-clean teflon-coated 316 stainless steel vessel support plate are supported by means of four stainless steel pillars and secured by four thumb screws. The bath and vessel temperatures can be constantly monitored using the PT100 temperature probe provided for this purpose. Provision is made for logging the actual speed and temperature at user programmed intervals throughout the test for subsequent printing.


The control of all models is provided by a membrane keypad linked to a 4-line 20 character back-lit display, which together with the electronics is mounted in the head of the instrument so as to avoid any accidental spillages in the test area. Many users have criticised the fact that their existing tester is just too overladen with complex and unnecessary software gimmickry for day-to-day use. For this reason, considerable attention was given in the design to ensuring that the number of actions necessary to perform a test was kept to a minimum.

Once the test sequence has been initiated, all that is necessary to start the test is to input the rpm and nominal temperature required, together with the duration of the test and the report interval (the time interval during the test at which the actual rpm and temperature is logged and subsequently reported), introduce the samples and press START.

During the test the following information is shown on the display:

  • Nominal and actual rpm
  • Nominal and actual temperature
  • Preset test duration and time elapsed
  • An audible alarm alerts the user that the test is completed.

The unit is provided with a parallel printer connection as standard for print-out of time, date, bath i.d., serial no. and date of calibration, together with the speed and temperature at operator selectable time intervals during the test.


Routine calibration is an essential part of your operation. Therefore a special calibration menu guides the user through the various functions and provides a printed report at the end of the operation. One unique feature in this respect is the electronic temperature calibration kit. Ordinarily, temperature calibration can prove to be a time consuming and inaccurate process involving iced water. Available as an option, the electronic temperature calibration kit comprises two UKAS certified test keys (0 and 37 degrees C) which are simply plugged into the PT100 temperature probe socket to perform the calibration.

We offer a wide range of tools for calibrating your Dissolution Tester. Please see the appropriate entries in the Dissolution Consumables page.


Manual dissolution testing is extremely time consuming and tedious. For this reason, many users are turning to complete automated systems to fulfill their requirements. In most cases, the software involved also controls the Dissolution Tester. Needless to say, this presents no problem for the DIS 8000. The DIS 8000 has a bi-directional RS232 interface on the back panel which allows for communication with external devices and incorporation into automated systems.


The DIS 8000 measures 650 mm (W) x 450 mm (D) x 640 mm high (H) and the Heater/Circulator measures 205 mm (W) x 340 mm (D) x 140 mm (H).



  • Rugged, compact and easy-to-use
  • Conforms to all current EP and USP specifications
  • User friendly operating procedure via membrane keypad and 4-line LCD screen
  • Screw-in baskets/paddles allow method changes in seconds such that no further adjustments are necessary
  • Individual clutches allow each basket/paddle to be raised, lowered and engaged independent of the drive head
  • Uncluttered design allows maximum access to working area
  • 316 Stainless Steel Teflon coated Vessel Support Plate
  • ‘Easy-Centre’ Vessel Centring System
  • One piece PETG water bath – no leaks – easy to remove and clean
  • Independent digital heater/circulator with over-temperature cut-out and indicator. Easily removed for maintenance
  • Full printed test report on completion of the run (user selectable)
  • RS232 bi-directional interface and parallel printer port
  • Menu guided calibration procedure (with print-out)


  • Laser Numbering, Certification and IQ/OQ documentation
  • Gold-plated baskets/paddles for aggressive media
  • Amber coated UV-Resistant vessels and lids
  • Low evaporation membrane sealed vessel lids
  • Electronic temperature calibration kit

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