Tapped Density Tester – JVi Series

The Tapped Density Testers Series JVi have been designed to measure the tapped density of powders, granules and similar products.  Available with either one or two test stations, the JVi tapped density series provides detailed reports, including Hausner ratio calculations for a wide range of industrial standards. The JVi testers are the only single tapped density systems on the market that offer all three methods specified in Eur. Ph. and USP .

  • One to two test station unit configurations
  • Ph. Eur. and USP Compliant
  • Supports Methods 1, 2 and 3 specified in Eur. Ph. and USP
  • Integrated calculation of bulk density, tapped density, Hausner ratio & compressibility index
  • Adjustable stroke frequency control for accelerated or high sensitivity testing
  • Extensive data reporting output options

Tapped Density, is the density attained after “tamping down” and is normally measured using an instrument that lifts and the drops a measuring cylinder or similar vessel containing the powder through a fixed distance. The Tapped Density in grams per mL can now be calculated by dividing the sample weight by the final tapped volume.


Key Features:

  • Easy-set user-configurable test parameters:
    – Test speed
    – Number of taps
    – Test duration
  • Status of ‘Actual’ v ‘Set’ test parameters clearly displayed throughout testing
  • Test progress bar provides clear and constant indication on run status
  • Calculation of:
    – Bulk Density
    – Tapped Density
    – Hausner Ratio
    – Compressibility Index



Extensive data output options are available as standard, including direct reporting to a printer or PC.

  • Data reporting output options:
    – RS 232
    – USB A
    – USB B
  • Speed (taps per minute)
    – Set
    – Average
    – Maximum
    – Minimum
  • Number of taps
    – Set
    – Actual
  • Calculations
    – Start weight/volume (g/mL)
    – End weight/volume (g/mL)
    – Bulk Density (g/mL)
    – Tapped Density (g/mL)
    – Hausner Ratio
    – Compressibility Index (%)
  • Compliance & Maintenance
    – Certificate of compliance to Ph. Eur./USP provided as standard
    – Comprehensive IQ/OQ/PQ documentation packages and toolkits available

The JVi Tapped Density tester series may also be used for testing a range of other industrial standards, including:

  • ASTM B527 (metallic powders)
  • ASTM D4164 (formed catalysts)
  • ASTM D4781 (fine catalysts)
  • ISO 787-11 (pigments)
  • ISO 3953 (metallic powders)
  • ISO 8460 (instant coffee)
  • ISO 8967 (dried milk)
  • ISO 9161 (uranium oxide powder)

Compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio

Measures of the ability of the powder to flow and its compressibility can now be given in the form of (a) the Hausner Ratio or (b) the Compressibility Index” (see below).



In a free flowing powder, inter-particulate interaction is less significant and unsettled and tapped densities will be closer in value. In poorly flowing powders, the inverse is to be expected. It follows that the closer the Hausner ratio is to 1, the better the flow. Powders with poor flow generally have a ratio of greater than 1.25.




Pharmacopoeial Compliance


Ph. Eur. 2.9.34

USP <616>

User Interface

Resistive touchscreen

Test Duration Parameters

Time or Taps

Testing Run

Up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds

Test Station Capacity

Up to 2 stations (1 left, 1 right)

Data Output



RS 232

USB Type A (for a USB printer)

USB Type B (for communications with a PC)

Methods Supported Details



Method 1: 14 mm @ 300 taps/min

Method 2: 3 mm @ 250 taps/min

Method 3: 3 mm, 14 mm – 50/60 taps/minute


End of testing (audible)

Unit Dimensions (w x d x h)

260 x 347 x 562 mm (with 250 mL cylinder)



JV 100i


Test Station Capacity

1 Cylinder

Eur. Ph and USP Test Methods Supported

1, 2, 3



JV 200i


Test Station Capacity

2 Cylinders

Eur. Ph and USP Test Methods Supported


1*, 2, 3 
* Only one station available for this method


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