Syringe Filters – Titan3™ and Target2™

The Titan3™ and Target2™ syringe filters provide high-quality filtration solutions ensuring reliable elimination of both particles and micro organisms in the sample preparation process.

  • Protect columns and extend column lifetimes
  • Low sample volume compatibility
  • High integrity sample preparation

The premium Titan3 syringe filter range provides even higher levels of confidence

  • Color coding for easy identification and selection of the correct membrane and pore size
  • 30 mm products pressure rated to 120 psi/15 bar
  • Integrated prefilter options for enhanced removal of particulates

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The high quality Thermo Scientific™ Titan3™and Target2™ syringe filters ensure reliable elimination of both particles and micro organisms in the sample preparation process, providing consistent and reliable experimental results for a range of samples and applications. Titan3 and Target2 syringe filters protect chromatography columns by preventing the accumulation of fine particles in the column, which forms premature blockages.

These high-quality robust sample filtration solutions are available in a variety of syringe filter sizes, membranes, and housings for a wide range of samples and applications.

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Cellulose Acetate (CA) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2504-16TargetCA4 mm0,2 µm100
42204-CATitan3CA4 mm0,2 µm100
F2504-15TargetCA4 mm0,45 µm100
44502-CATitan3CA4 mm0,45 µm100
F2513-16TargetCA17 mm0,2 µm100
42213-CATitan3CA17 mm0,2 µm200
F2513-15TargetCA17 mm0,45 µm100
44513-CATitan3CA17 mm0,45 µm200
44525-CATitan3CA25 mm0,45 µm100
F2500-16TargetCA30 mm0,2 µm100
42225-CATitan3CA30 mm0,2 µm100
F2500-15TargetCA30 mm0,45 µm100
Glass MicroFiber (GMF) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2500-18TargetGMF30 mm0,7 µm100
40725-GMTitan3GMF30 mm0,7 µm100
41225-GMTitan3GMF30 mm1,2 µm100
F2500-19TargetGMF30 mm1,2 µm100
42725-GMTitan3GMF30 mm3,1 µm100
F2500-20TargetGMF30 mm5 µm100
Nylon (PA / NY) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2504-2TargetNylon4 mm0,2 µm100
42204-NNTitan3Nylon4 mm0,2 µm100
F2504-1TargetNylon4 mm0,45 µm100
44504-NNTitan3Nylon4 mm0,45 µm100
F2513-2TargetNylon17 mm0,2 µm100
42213-NNTitan3Nylon17 mm0,2 µm200
F2513-1TargetNylon17 mm0,45 µm100
44513-NNTitan3Nylon17 mm0,45 µm200
F2500-2TargetNylon30 mm0,2 µm100
F2502-2TargetNylon30 mm0,2 µm100
42225-NNTitan3Nylon30 mm0,2 µm100
F2500-1TargetNylon with pre-filter30 mm0,45 µm100
F2502-1TargetNylon30 mm0,45 µm100
44525-NNTitan3Nylon with pre-filter30 mm0,45 µm100
41225-NNTitan3Nylon30 mm1,2 µm100
F2500-12TargetNylon30 mm5 µm100
45025-NNTitan3Nylon30 mm5 µm100
Polyethersulfone (PES) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2513-17TargetPES17 mm0,2 µm100
42213-PSTitan3PES17 mm0,2 µm200
F2513-14TargetPES17 mm0,45 µm100
44513-PSTitan3PES17 mm0,45 µm200
F2500-17TargetPES with pre-filter30 mm0,2 µm100
42225-PSTitan3PES with pre-filter30 mm0,2 µm100
44525-PSTitan3PES30 mm0,45 µm100
F2500-14TargetPES30  mm0,45 µm100
Polypropylene (PP) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2504-10TargetPP4 mm0,2 µm100
F2504-9TargetPP4 mm0,45 µm100
F2513-10TargetPP17 mm0,2 µm100
42213-PPTitan3PP17 mm0,2 µm200
F2513-9TargetPP17 mm0,45 µm100
44513-PPTitan3PP17 mm0,45 µm200
F2500-10TargetPP30 mm0,2 µm100
42225-PPTitan3PP30 mm0,2 µm100
F2500-9TargetPP30 mm0,45 µm100
44525-PPTitan3PP30 mm0,45 µm100
F2502-9TargetPP30 mm0,45 µm100
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2504-4TargetPTFE4 mm0,2 µm100
42204-NPTitan3PTFE4 mm0,2 µm100
F2504-3TargetPTFE4 mm0,45 µm100
44504-NPTitan3PTFE4 mm0,45 µm100
F2513-4TargetPTFE17 mm0,2 µm100
42213-NPTitan3PTFE17 mm0,2 µm200
F2513-3TargetPTFE17 mm0,45 µm100
44513-NPTitan3PTFE17 mm0,45 µm200
42225-NPTitan3PTFE with pre-filter30 mm0,2 µm100
F2500-4TargetPTFE with pre-filter30 mm0,2 µm100
F2500-3TargetPTFE with pre-filter30 mm0,45 µm100
44525-NPTitan3PTFE with pre-filter30 mm0,45 µm100
F2502-3TargetPTFE30 mm0,45 µm100
41025-NPTitan3PTFE30 mm1 µm100
F2500-13TargetPTFE30 mm1 µm100
Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2504-6TargetPVDF4 mm0,2 µm100
42204-PVTitan3PVDF4 mm0,2 µm100
44504-PVTitan3PVDF4 mm0,45 µm100
F2504-5TargetPVDF4 mm0,45 µm100
F2513-6TargetPVDF17 mm0,2 µm100
42213-PVTitan3PVDF17 mm0,2 µm200
44513-PVTitan3PVDF17 mm0,45 µm200
F2513-5TargetPVDF17 mm0,45 µm100
F2500-6TargetPVDF30 mm0,2 µm100
42225-PVTitan3PVDF30 mm0,2 µm100
F2500-5TargetPVDF30 mm0,45 µm100
44525-PVTitan3PVDF30 mm0,45 µm100
Regenerated Cellulose (RC) syringe filters 
SKUBrandMaterialØPore SizePack size
F2504-8TargetRC4 mm0,2
52204-RCTitan3RC4 mm0,2
F2504-7TargetRC4 mm0,45
54504-RCTitan3RC4 mm0,45
52213-RCTitan3RC17 mm0,2
F2513-8TargetRC17 mm0,2
54513-RCTitan3RC17 mm0,45
F2513-7TargetRC17 mm0,45
52225-RCTitan3RC30 mm0,2
F2500-8TargetRC30 mm0,2
54525-RCTitan3RC30 mm0,45
F2500-7TargetRC30 mm0,45


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