Chemical Identification – Progeny ResQ by Rigaku

Progeny ResQ 1064nm is a complete chemical identification system. It allows chemical ID to be performed on a wider range of substances including coloured materials and through packaging, such as clear and coloured glass plus translucent plastic bottles. The 1064nm laser reduces issues of sample fluorescence interference and is not affected by moisture content.

With a large onboard chemical identification library (updates included) and the ability to add new substances easily, Progeny ResQ provides unmatched chemical identification capabilities. It is the only handheld Raman with an onboard camera. Plus, the new onboard 4C technology reduces reliance on off-site resources and alerts the user when a combination of potential illicit of hazardous threats is indicated.

Progeny ResQ Raman Chemical Identification

At-scene rapid chemical identification helps ensure public and response team safety, protect the environment and property too. But not all chemical identification systems are the same. When considering chemical identification requirements, how do you evaluate a system to know which one provides the greatest benefits for the cost? Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Does your team need one device that identifies the largest number of unknown pure, coloured and impure substances?
  2. Do you want to identify substances through packaging? What about coloured substances contained within coloured packaging?
  3. Would reducing reliance on outside resources by having the ability to monitor scans and warn the user if a much larger threat is indicated be helpful?
  4. How important is a large onboard chemical identification database or library? Would you like to easily add new substances to the database? How much would you save if library updates were provided for the life of the unit?
  5. How would an onboard camera enhance evidence documentation?
  6. Does your team need equipment that is rugged, easily decontaminated and easy-to-use, even while wearing protective equipment?
  7. Should Reachback support be included for the life of the unit at no extra charge?
  8. Should software updates be provided for the life of the unit at no extra charge?

Knowing which device provides the most advantages for rapid chemical identification is essential to providing first response and hazmat teams with the power to quickly determine threat severity and wage appropriate response.

Progeny ResQ Chemical Identification System

This device is certified MIL STD 810G and IP-68 rated. It’s easy to operate, even in varying conditions. With Reachback, software support, library updates and 12-month warranty, Progeny ResQ is what you should expect from a handheld chemical identification system.

Mode of Operation

Handheld, with optional docking station

Efficiently identify threats at the point of need Includes measurement delay timer (up to 10 minutes) for additional safety

Excitation Wavelength


Measure a broader range of substances

Output Power  

up to 490 mW adjustable laser excitation power

Allows for customization of analysis parameters to obtain most accurate analysis of specific materials

Graphical User Interface

Touchscreen and softkeys

Smartphone-inspired with bright, touchscreen display or large button navigation for protective glove use

Digital Camera                             


Record sample evidence and store with analysis

Reporting Capabilities                  


Immediate PDF generation and transfer of results with camera images

Included Standard Library



Up to 13,000 compounds including CWA, explosives, TIC/TIM, narcotics

User-Created Library


Easily adaptable for new, emerging threats into custom library; export  to share with other Progeny ResQ users worldwide

Threat Recipe Alerts with 4C™ Technology


Expands incident response by warning users of potential dangerous combinations

Data Transfer


Transfer results via WiFi or USB

Operating Temperature

-20 to 50°C intermittent,

+40°C continuous



MIL-810-G, IP-68



14.4V Li-ion, 3100mAH, > 5H

Long-lasting charge with options for a recharger or docking station for 24/7 operation

External Power

100~240VAC, 50-60Hz, +18V DC, 2.5A



29.9cm x 8.1cm x 7.4cm

(11.8in x 3.2in x 2.9in)

Allows for single-hand operation


~1.6kg (3.7lbs)



24 months


Industry Regulation Compliance 

SWGDRUG Category A technique for presumptive testing FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Click Here to download the Progeny ResQ Spec Sheet

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